Sunday, May 20, 2012


Friends.... The name says it all...

The breathing system of one's life.
The source of smile.
The ones who make a difference in our life with their presence,

We rush to them when we are in trouble. We laugh with them for the silliest jokes. We cry in their arms when in sorrow. We do not have to worry about being accepted as we are accepted the way we are. We might be the worst thing in the world but for them, it doesn't make a difference. When we are in love, they say, "Again?". When we have a heartbreak they say, "You deserve better than him/her. He/she isn't worth your tears". There are times when we feel that we are not worth any happiness but our friends make us realize that we are worth every happiness in the world. 

What will we do without friends? I just can't do anything. Dedicated to all my friends who have made a difference in my life with their existence..,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My dear silence..

In my silence, I know who I really am!
In my silence, I know what I believe in.
In my silence, I make promises to myself.
In my silence, I accept who I am.
In my silence, I forgive myself. 
In my silence, I make new dreams. 
In my silence, every good is mine. 

In my silence, I imagine you.
In my silence, I talk to me. 
In my silence, I run in avenues.
In my silence, I fly with the breeze. 
In my silence, I sync my mind and heart.
In my silence, nothing pulls me apart.
I'm my silence, silence is peace and i trust it; I know it's me! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Were she is in love?

Ps:) Please read the full post and then only comment. The post appears to be long but its not.
Actually some days ago I was going through the pages of one of my friend personal diary (stil she didn’t no). In that I found she has written a lot on some guy ( pata nahi kaun hai). So much! My blog is second diary for her. So I take the courage to put this post here.

I hope you'll all understand her innocent feelings...
The guy can be called the first and last (till now) boy in her life who made an impact on her. She wrote everything, she still remember the date on which she talked to him first.... its 18/7/2004  she still remember his phone number and birthday. And still remember the date at which, she found out tat she has a crush on him...12/2/2005.

 She still remember him answering a question tat made her happy....wen asked by one of  teacher's ....the question was which gal do u find the most sensible? Guy took her name. She who always value comfort more than appearance and so wore mostly jeans and such stuffs on weekly once. She started wearing skirts and so on just coz' he had once told her that she look nice in school uniform skirt. But she has reverted bakk. She used to call him everyday without miss and without any reason. She still remember the date she met him last it was 15/5/2005. The last day before summer vacations. His dad had got a transfer to somewhr (she didn’t mention place). He was going forever. And she knew he was much more than an ordinary classmate for her.

On the same day she along with her parents had went to the Church (there was some function) ....she is the person who normally go around and hang out with friends in such functions was standing alone... as some big tragedy had gripped her. One of her friend started " hey YOU guy is gone" she couldn't even giv out her stupid smile as she always do wen her frnds tease her on such issues.... she was so sad. In her class had an aim chart in which the aims of all the students were written. She wrote  to become an IAS(funny). His was Software Engineer.  Actually she donno wat he's studying now but she doing to become a Software Engg.

SHE still have the small piece of paper on which he wrote and gave her. Probably he knew tat.......He had gone on 28/5/2005, So that was the last day she Saw him face to face. The last glance to each other was dramatic or u can call it filmy... till there vehicles were static n they were busy talking to friends but as vehicles moved he came over to near the back window and she too but something was stopping her to wave him a bye..... but he did tat then she too waved him back.
She did not called him from 15th to 28th coz she did not know wat to say. she was sad indeed.Finally he called her on 27th and said...." Happy birthday"  ...he said (she mentioned on her dairy) this is the last call I am making to you .... but be sure of the fact that we will someday meet " I couldn't say anything .... She just said ok bye. The very next day she got fever and this is very true and it has happened. But she must say that coz’s her parents knew all about it and ... She still teased about it.
But her one desire ... to see him off in the station was unfulfilled. She did not hav the courage to ask her parents. This might sound to u all ... as childish. It is childish too coz it all happened 5-6 yrs back..,



Monday, February 13, 2012

Folded memories

This poem is for my childhood friend, after a so many years, we met through Facebook.
 I thought our friendship alive but fact is she not remember me at all :)

My life was all in pieces before joining a college few years back.
I had everything, but still a part seemed missing, so I'm ready to hunting.
That was until you came in my life again..(surprise)
I knew you not too well,
To me you were just a friend of friend.
Then god played his game, and we grew closer.
The “just friends” tag was lost in no time
And you started becoming a friend
With whom you could solve your problems..
We started sharing common interests.
And we should started teasing every day.
To be honest, I’ve never found a friend like you
Who would genuinely like what I liked.
Our bonding and understanding grew stronger but we never expressed it.
In a time lesser than we’d expected.
And though there times when we could’ve broken apart,
But our walls of trust survived
The strong winds of misunderstandings.
Looking at the past now,
I treasure every moment spent with you.
And I thank the lord with my whole heart
For he sent me YOU
As my Guardian Angel.
You have a special chamber in my heart
That no one can ever replace.
I must say, friends I’ve had many,
But someone like you comes in life just once in a while.
And I face a word drought
When I try to explain what it is like to have you.
I adore your angelic brown eyes,
The laughter that brings a new life in the air,
Smile that’s so contagious,
A person who patiently listens
Whenever I need someone to talk to.
You’re all I ever needed in a friend.
Always be there
Hope you remember me, otherwise just forget me.